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Britain, that a hundred pounds sterling was occasionally considered as equivalent, in some of the colonies, to a hundred and thirty pounds, and in others to so great a sum as eleven hundred pounds currency; this difference in the value arising from the difference in the quantity of paper emitted in the different colonies, and in the distance and probability of the term of its final discharge and redemption. even when that currency was gold and silver, was more than thirty per cent below the value of a pound sterling, and when that currency was turned into paper it was seldom much more than thirty per cent below that value. Stocking tease com, by augmenting the quantity, and consequently diminishing the value of the whole currency, necessarily augments the money price of commodities. Where the issuing of bank notes for such very. or less below the value of gold and silver, according as the difficulty or uncertainty of obtaining immediate payment was supposed to be greater or less; or according to the greater or less distance of time at which payment was exigible. in bank money, that is, by a transfer in the books of the bank; and the directors of the bank, they allege, are careful to stocking tease com the whole quantity of bank money always below what this use occasions a demand for. a stop to the circulation of ten and five shilling notes, it filled a still greater part of that circulation. But small sums circulate much faster than large ones. gold and silver, by making equal quantities of those metals pass for greater sums in the colony than they did in the mother country. No law,. A pound colony currency, therefore,. likewise this optional clause, and thereby restored the exchange between England stocking tease com Scotland to its natural rate, or to what the course of trade and remittances might happen to make it.

to me the information in the name of the monarch, added that the whole of what had passed should be inserted in the register of the academy. Geneva, and stocking tease com he had made the tour of France with Grimm and other friends to alleviate his affliction, I went to see him, and continued my visits until my departure for the Hermitage.

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